Exile of the Imaginary: Radical Read-In at the Generali Foundation

January 19, 2007

Generali Foundation Vienna, Austria

A Wave of New Rage Thinking, 2007 Radical Read-In for Vienna For our event at the Generali Foundation we will collaborate with archives, libraries and individuals in Vienna to bring together a collection of radical queer feminist thought to share for one night. Come out and bring your books, your latest one night stand with a novel you could not put down, the zine you made ten years ago or yesterday, the book that blew your political mind, the feminist poem that makes you chant and dream of the dark forest where the silver foxes hunt for young blood... or, the pamphlet you'd give to your queer daughter, the nasty passage stuck in your head, the image you cannot get over, or any text that changed your life. We'll have time to read-in and time to read-out, browsing, discovering and sharing in Vienna.

exhibition link: http://foundation.generali.at/index.php?id=529&L=1