LTTR at WACK!, a one day event at PS1

February 23, 2008

PS1 Contemporary Art center

There is an LTTR event at the WACK! exhibition at PS1 on Saturday February 23rd from two to six pm. Together with artists in the show and local feminists, we are creating a space for public dialog, intergenerational exchange, live feminist energy, and evidence of our continued presence. We hope to create the space for a myriad of conversations to evolve over a rambling afternoon. We are looking forward to spontaneous gallery tours and reflections, and for exhibiting artists to meet feminists from a younger generation.
For the event, LTTR turned the backstage area of PS1's event hall into the main attraction. A red rope, calling you in from the corridor, led through the room, over the stage and into the dressing room where we had poster board and pens in plenty. The front room simply had our "reading table" and a bench as well as our reliable cardboard letters. The success of the event was greatly dependent on artists and attendees and the participants showed up in full force. There was an intense self organized 3 hour dialogue about the ideas and issues around Feminism.
The event was populated with a wide variety of people-some unsuspecting exhibition visitors happened upon us and stayed for 2 hours, some people came with specific questions. Also LTTR invited the artists of WACK! to attend, and both Barbara Hammer and Martha Wilson participated in the discussion.