Emily Roysdon, K8 Hardy, and Ginger Brooks Takahashi
LeTTeR sprinkled in this text we find many opportunities to imagine ourselves. LiTTeR. many moments to perform our symptoms for each other and create the space to question our development as artists, workers, and thinkers.
we're here to reconstitute a new team under an old threat. to embrace our historical birth into feminist sexes and to move with the brilliant bodies languages identities and arts that this long walk has produced.
but this lesbian we speak of I find him as ambiguous in nature as in verse. I find her over and over again. Listen Transtate Translate Record. Lacan Teaches To Repeat. Lesbians Tend To React. Limits Through To Reasons. thank you. emily roysdon

i get the cheerleader in the morning to telephone call: please shock me out of bed. it's a self pager of enthusiasm. but i don’t let it slip that the night of sleep was a dream of lesbian desire or that the day before was dyke street fashion or that these years have been searching feminist revolutions. we're getting up and on the go with no finish line and I like it. no lines but we make them, chants out of video pixels, aerosol paint and photos. we cheer in rotating circles, face forward, face out for our fields of vision. pencilspensdigits on keyboards. everyone in their own uniform! moving bodies in performance making daily manifestos.
we're so proud. k8 hardy

Lttr was the answer, the Point of real collaboration, not just chats. that k8 and I came to after months of mini attempts to make a project, a show maybe, where we could share our big love for the homos. (we'll end up on stage together another time.) when roysdon heard of our plans, she told us she was joining the team too. this is how we came together. Lttr is our massive collaborative song. Time for a place where we can share/show our work next to each other.
artfags. hello artfags our there, keep'em coming. ginger brooks takahashi